Welcome. I’m Hannah Hodgson, a Poet, Writer, Palliative Care Patient and Advisory Consultant.

If you’re considering working with me, you’ll find examples of my work under the tabs of: ‘Activism‘ – for disability, charity and NHS advisory roles, as well as awards for this work. ‘Writing‘ – for examples of my award winning Poetry and Prose. ‘YouTube‘ – for my work in video form. ‘Shop‘ to find my books. ‘Bio‘ – If you’re an event organiser and need a bio (various lengths available for different versions of my work). ‘Blog‘ – for my occasional musings on the world.

Contact‘ – for a form detailing my social media information and email contact.

Below are pictures I update periodically to let you know what I have been up to over the past few months.

Very excitingly I am a recipient of a Diana Legacy Award 2021. Every 2 years only 20 young people receive this accolade worldwide. In the first picture, Lord Spenser is giving me the glass award on stage.