Month: February 2017

19th Birthday and poetry

I had a really lovely chilled nineteenth birthday this week. I got up late, got dressed and went downstairs to open my presents. Come to think of it – I’m fairly sure that this is the first occasion I have come downstairs not wearing pyjamas for a celebration like my birthday. It must be adulthood […]


Protest song, Hospice and Awards

This week I went to the Cumbria Cultural Awards, a hospice and recognised feeding tube awareness week. I will start with the Cumbria Cultural awards. I went along to the awards with Kim Moore and Jenny Copley to represent the Kendal Poetry Festival for festival of the year, unfortunately we didn’t win, but we were […]


Big life changes

I am fairly certain these weeks are whipping around quicker and quicker. Maybe it’s just because they are very eventful and we never seem to be given a week off! I am sat in the car park of my hospital, waiting to see my cardiologist. I had a scan this morning and now we have […]