Night out and All the Bright Things

It’s been quite a busy week, but we spaced it out so that my body could keep up! On Saturday I went out on a night out into town with one of my best friends Rhianna. We went to a pub where the music was so loud we couldn’t hear each other talking. It was great, and definitely something I want to repeat. I know this sounds silly, but I loved it because it felt so teenagery (I know, not a word, but it is now) and right.
The thing that people don’t see are is all of the preparation that went in to that one incredible night, and how it made me poorly for two days after. Before going out I had to have an equivalent of four of five hours extra feed, so that I could go out on water. That wrecked me from the start. I then got up and dressed, did my meds, packed and went out. In quite a bit of pain if I am completely honest with you. I went out in my wheelchair, and it didn’t mean we had any less fun. Both the bouncers and the incredibly drunk were very nice, something I wasn’t expecting if I am completely honest. One slightly weird thing that came about was a row of very drunk people kissing and shaking my hand? Very odd. There was three of them. Congratulations on behalf of the drunk, we are proud of you for being out while sitting down on a chair that has wheels? Anyway, they meant well. You know you have a bloody good friend when she drags a chair next to you on the dancefloor and chairdances next to you. She made me feel so normal. Thanks again you wonderful person! Despite Rhi having a couple of drinks she didn’t crash the wheelchair once (although I nearly broke my toes against door frames a couple of times. Haha!). I was beyond exhausted and felt very poorly when I got in. I took off all my makeup and passed my NG tube into my stomach. I started draining a bit of blood. Swaying in my wheelchair to a bit of music caused me to have a small bleed. I think my body is actually allergic to the concept of being a teenager. It wasn’t anything major and mum helped me with the rest of my routine to get to bed. An hour of so later I was ready for bed. Reading this you may think I would never want to go out and do that again – but you know what, despite all of the pain I had an amazing night and would definitely do it again.

In other news, the Kendal Poetry Festival has now got full funding! I am so excited about this years festival and its inclusion of young poets. Being the Young Poet in Residence last year has given me confidence in my work and made me push myself forward for things that I probably wouldn’t have done before. I now really enjoy performing, and actively seek out the opportunity to watch others perform, largely due to this festival. I am beyond excited. Block off the 16th to the 18th of June 2017!

I have just finished a Young Adult fiction book called All the Bright things by Jennifer Niven. I haven’t read any YA books in ages, but picked this one up because so many people were raving about it. Oh my goodness, I can see why! I wouldn’t say this book is a YA book in a traditional sense, yes the protagonists are seventeen, but the subject is one that needs addressing so much more often in fiction generally and the story is so complex iI am sure it would sell on adult fiction shelves. The book focuses on Violet and Finch, Finch has obvious mental health difficulties from the start. The chapters alternate between Finch and Violet’s perspectives. It shows him as a 3D character – yes, people who are struggling with their mental health feel more than one emotion, they can love and care for others, their illness is not a selfish thing. Jennifer Niven was incredibly well researched when writing this book – and it seriously shows. It’s a devastating and eye opening read. The best book I’ve read in ages (I say that all the time, but seriously, I think this time I have found my favourite).

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