19th Birthday and poetry

I had a really lovely chilled nineteenth birthday this week. I got up late, got dressed and went downstairs to open my presents. Come to think of it – I’m fairly sure that this is the first occasion I have come downstairs not wearing pyjamas for a celebration like my birthday. It must be adulthood slowly creeping in… I got some amazing presents. I couldn’t decide what I would like for my birthday, so mum and I went around all of the makeup counters in Debenhams choosing. I picked up a few lovely bits. I also got some striking glitter gold trainers, that I’m fairly certain you’ll notice I’m wearing. I got two lovely bits from Iridium in Kendal – a gorgeous Leuchtturm diary for my feed backpack and an amazing pencil sharpener shaped pencil holder.


The picture below was drawn by Lianna, who runs the Disabled Life blog on Tumblr which I think is amazing. She also a digital artist within her own right. I contacted her and asked if she would draw me some pictures for my mum as a present, and this is one of two that she did. Isn’t it amazing?  You can check her out here on facebook or here on twitter.


I have just read possibly one of the best books of poetry I have ever come across. It is Penguin Modern Poets No. 3, containing Malika Booker, Sharon Olds and Warsan Shire. Wow all of those poets are incredible! I bought the book because I wanted to see some examples  of Sharon Olds’ work from across her whole career. Warsan Shire who is the poet behind ‘Teaching my mother how to give birth’ had poems that were incredible. I spent the whole time loving every page and excited for the next one – a rarity. I read the whole thing in a day, and I have never used so may page flags. I only use page flags on poems that I love but this book looks like it has sprouted multi-coloured hair because I have chosen so many!

I have had many meetings this week about all sorts of issues. They were all positive though, which is a relief – because sometimes you have to build yourself up and expect knock backs.  I have had three meetings in the last week and none were disappointing or upsetting. Hurrah!

I have also been published in The North poetry magazine this week as a part of a feature on out young writers group. I haven’t got my subscriber copy yet, but I am really pleased – this is my first poetry magazine publication!

Lianna also did this gem! It’s me reading at a poetry event and I love it so much.


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