Month: May 2017

A shock and performing

I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are whizzing on by, everything seems so busy, but mind you a trip to the shop wears me out so please don’t take my word for it. I have been putting a lot of energy into my revision this week. I have created sound bites of me reading […]


Hospice, rest and reading

Hello all. I’m writing this from the hospice I got to for respite. It gives mum a well deserved break, the chance to relax a little and not worry about me for a little bit. It’s a nice break for me as well. I can leave all my school work at home and just come […]


So, I’m a hospital inpatient :(

Hello all! I’m currently in hospital. All of those who know me are aware that I was due to have a test to see where my tube was yesterday. Well, on Monday I stopped tolerating my tube feeds all together, so we both knew (mum and I) before the test that I was going to […]