So, I’m a hospital inpatient :(

Hello all! I’m currently in hospital. All of those who know me are aware that I was due to have a test to see where my tube was yesterday. Well, on Monday I stopped tolerating my tube feeds all together, so we both knew (mum and I) before the test that I was going to be admitted. I’m currently on an amazing ward that specialise in out of the ordinary Gastro patients. They get all of my funny tubes and conditions, and I can’t tell you of the relief that I feel having doctors and nurses that understand!

So, I’m sorry if the grammar is all out of sorts in this post. I am typing one handed (my other arm has a cannula in that I am trying to keep in as long as possible, hence my right arm is strictly on bed rest, hehe). So I’m getting my excuses in here quick – I’m typing having not had any calories since early Monday morning AND with the wrong hand. You have been warned.

I haven’t really got much news other than my impending procedure tomorrow.

The lovely John Foggin has reviewed some of his poems over on his blog. He was lovely, so please go over there by clicking HERE and have a read.

I will also be performing on the 27th May in Verbalise at The Brewery in Kendal, it would be lovely to see some familiar folk there!

I have been listening and reading lost over the past few days, so watch my YouTube channel to see an upcoming video on that. Okay, I’m going to leave this here, but I didn’t want to miss a Wednesday blog post!

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