Hospice, rest and reading

Hello all. I’m writing this from the hospice I got to for respite. It gives mum a well deserved break, the chance to relax a little and not worry about me for a little bit. It’s a nice break for me as well. I can leave all my school work at home and just come for a break. I don’t think this side of the role of a hospice is discussed very much. Yes, hospices’ still look after the terminally Ill , but in the modern day and age they also cater for young people with life limiting illnesses who need a break.The hospice I go to is such a massive asset to me and my family.

I came home from hospital late on Thursday. It was such a relief to be home and in my own bed. However, these moments of relief never seem to last very long with me! In the middle of the night the end of my tube snapped away! I had to lie as still as a statue and hope it would last until the morning. I posted a frantic message on the forum I belong to at 2am, and also emailed my consultants secretary. With the combined efforts of the forum and fabulous secretary, I got an appointment to see the tube nurse that afternoon! She fixed me up and sent me on my way. It was rather exhausting though, another three hour round trip.

I have spent the rest of this week relaxing. I am utterly exhausted, but relieved to have a tube finally in the right place! I have taken the week off YouTube and have been reading quite a bit. I’m currently on Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, and have just finished The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carey.

I’m revising for my A levels as well. I’m studying health and social care, and it’s quite funny because I have had most of the procedures that are on the specification! I’m finding it tough with my concentration, but I am so close now I must get to the end and sit this exam.

I have also discovered that a TENs machine really helps the pain in my knees! It doesn’t help anywhere else but it is such a victory to have done time when the pain is dulled.

We’ve also had a very stressful week from the perspective of some health stuff I’m not going to talk about on here yet. All in all we are exhausted with everything this week. Anyway, hopefully next week I will have some more exciting things to report. Onward!

3 thoughts on “Hospice, rest and reading

  1. Hannah, you and your family are going through so much. Thank you for writing. I am sending you a virtual hug and positive wishes to you and yours. The hospice and staff there sounds like a special place. You are so thoughtful for your mum having a break and I am absolutely positive that she can’t wait to have you home again. ASAP! Thank you again for writing. We think of you lots and lots and look forward to seeing you next time. X


  2. Hang in there! Well done for being so positive. You are allowed the feeling down times (they’re important too), but it’s great to see you are looking forward. I have commented on your twitter and youtube as well today (having a little suss out of all your mediums!)…I have POTS too so I find your story relatable. I would love to chat sometime, and if you ever need to vent or take your mind off everything, say hello via my blog or twitter! x


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