Prem Baby Hats – for a year!

I left hospital after a six month stay almost exactly a year ago. I am so grateful to live in a country where I am not now fighting with my insurer, or saddled with hundreds of thousands of pounds of debt. I am so lucky to have the medications I need supplied to me.
I wanted to do something as a little ‘thank you’ to the health service. So I decided to knit premature baby hats. I found the charity Baby Beanies online and decided to get in contact. This charity accepts donations of hats and distributes them to where they are most needed. I even received an email from the lady running it to tell me where they were sent!
I decided that I wanted to knit as many hats as the days I had been in hospital. When I worked the number of days out online I was in hospital for 162 days. That’s a long time. Also, that’s a lot of hats…
However, I have managed to knit a grand total of 179 hats! I still have a few left to send off. I don’t think I’m going to stop knitting them – to be honest I’m quite addicted.

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