Bad book ending, fatigue and furniture

This week has been a nice week. Minimal appointments (only one with a surgeon), some free time (unheard of!) and a feeling that things are moving in the right direction in regards to my care.

I’ve been at school a few times in the last week. It’s quite strange, because I’m only there a few days a week it feels more like an outing or workplace than how school used to feel. School used to feel like it was my whole life, and all my time was used up with it. School felt tight knit and a bubble. I’m keeping on top of my work (miracle) and am enjoying my courses. I wish a levels weren’t so pressured because they are really interesting in their own right.

For the book lovers out there, I’ve put a picture of my new bookcase below.img_1610

It’s what I spent my Christmas money on, so I now have a home for my notebooks and poetry books. Next door I have a small shelf of fiction. I just love it. It definitely shows that adulthood has firmly got a grip on me because I haven’t been so excited about anything in such a long time. Yep, excited about furniture…

I went to my first ever session of Barrow Writers on Saturday, a group run by Kim Moore. I have so many poems on the go now I’m feeling slightly overrun! They’ll all be dealt with and done in time, and it’s a wonderful position to be in. I had an amazing time in that retro community hall. I always feel like you reveal your soul when you read the things you’ve written out to a group. I always have to explain what has happened to me etc. but this group were totally chilled out about it, they took the anxiety out of revealing all. I was beyond exhausted, but also happy at the end of the day.

That actually leads me on to my next topic “Pacing”. I have seen a endriconologist who says that in his opinion I do not have chronic fatigue syndrome, but do have chronic fatigue. The difference between these is that a gentle increase in activity would just make me even more exhausted due to everything that goes on with my body, rather than having the effect of building me up. However, the management for this is called “Pacing” and is the same for both things. This means that if you know you’re having a busy morning, take the afternoon to rest, or if you’re having a busy day e.g. writing on Saturday take some time out on Sunday. If you don’t do this you end up in a loop of “Boom and Bust” – using all your energy on one day then having none for other days. (Note: I’m not a doctor or anything but this was what I was told to do by my consultant).

I went for a flying visit to Westwood books in Sedbergh last week. Their poetry section is incredible and reasonably priced. I got some collections which I am excited to read. They also had lots of wonderful present ideas. Worth a visit – even if you’re not making a trip to Sedbergh have a travel through!

I’ve had a fitting for a supportive office chair with foot plates (which I am very excited about) because sitting in a normal chair really pulls my stomach, especially when my legs dangle. It’s going to mean I can actually sit at my desk with reduced pain and just write. It’s something I have missed so very much. I should be getting it in the next couple of months.

I listened to another book on Audible this week, thanks to the Daily Deal I managed to get through The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion . I’m going to spoil this book because I’m so angry about it, so if you’d like to read it please stop here. The plot, until three quarters of the way through, was logical and very well thought out. However, Don (protagonist) is told by Rosie that he’d need to be totally different and become much more flexible in life (the reader is hinted to that he has some kind of undiagnosed autism or aspergers syndrome). So Don makes changes. He completely changes himself to be the person Rosie wants him. When he’s made these changes she finally allows herself to fall in love. The End. The problem I have with this book is that it suggests you should change for other people, particularly if you have something different about you such as a disability. It suggests that conforming is the only way to make someone want you. It upset me, because up until that stage it had been an incredible book which I thought had an amazing grasp on the complexities of emotions with such a condition. I guess not.

2 thoughts on “Bad book ending, fatigue and furniture

  1. Hi,Hannah My name is Graham Rollinson I am a table tennis umpire who is a good friend of you Granddad Bob Williamson, Bob keeps me up to date with your progress and your visits to the hospitals and that you visited Liverpool Royal hospital and that you and your Mum and Dad encountered a lot of traffic and difficulty finding a parking place because the multi story car park was full, the point I am getting to is that I was there at the same time and the same day Tuesday 3.00 and had the same problem. I was visiting K clinic with my wife who had an appointment for 3.15, when we where waiting we saw a young lady in a wheelchair with we presume her Mum and Dad when Bob rang me on Wednesday to give me an update on your visit ithe got to thinking that it may have been you… was it? he also said you were all pleased with the consultant and what you were told I will be seeing Bob at the weekend as we are umpiring at Derby and we always room room together so he can bring me up to date. Incidently I live in Liverpool so I don’t see him that often but we do communicate on the Phone Ihope everything goes well for you with your operation Kindest Regards Graham xx

    On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 4:06 PM, Hannah writes a blog wrote:

    > hannahwritesablog posted: “This week has been a nice week. Minimal > appointments (only one with a surgeon), some free time (unheard of!) and a > feeling that things are moving in the right direction in regards to my > care. I’ve been at school a few times in the last week. It’s quite s” >


    1. Hello. It may well have been me – we were in that clinic at that time! I have a purple wheelchair and was wearing some purple tinted glasses to help me read if that is anything useful! I hope your wife’s appointment went well. My grandad is great isn’t he? Such a lovely man. I hope you have a wonderful time umpiring and some time to catch up. Its a shame we didn’t get chance to meet you! Best wishes, Hannah xx


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