Overall good things with a sprinkling of bad

Hello! I thought I would try and get back to a Wednesday for one final time. If I can’t do that this time then I will just upload one day a week when it suits me the best.
The last few days have been slightly rough in that there are arguments going on at board meetings that I cannot attend about my care. It deeply concerns me that as we speak there are boards comprised of medical AND non- medical people who are looking at my case and deciding what aspects to fund and not fund. Doctors along with all of their training struggle to understand my condition, so how is a non medical professional supposed to assess my needs? A little sneaking suspicion of mine is that they aren’t supposed to at all and they are put on boards to watch the costs. Maybe I have just been made syncial by these months and months of waiting for a decision.
I went and had a wonderful massage and manicure the other day. There is a young lady who comes to the Hospice that I go to in my own time and paints nails. She was SO lovely, so I told my mum and we decided to go as her birthday treat. I currently have very, very sparkly nails in shellac that I am hoping will last a while. The business is called Bellisima Beauty, for any of you living in the North West. She offers affordable and one to one service and is fab!
I had a very surreal and life affirming moment a few days ago. I follow Paper Swans poetry press on Facebook. I, along with a few other young poets were featured in their latest publication of ‘The young poets anthology’. Two of my poems were featured. Now, they posted a few days ago about what the Poetry Society Autumn review had to say about the anthology, and they used one quote from all of the poems in the anthology — mine! They quoted a line of my poetry. I sat in the car for a minute, silent and shocked, and then surprised my mum quite a lot by rambling on and on about it.
Mum and I are heading away for a night away. The ‘boys’ (my dad and brother) went awa wild camping for a night last weekend, so naturally mum and I thought it was our turn ! We have booked a Groupon and got a very cheap room. We are in need of getting away from it all quite a bit at the minute. The appointments are stacking up and we are getting a lot of stressful phone calls. We are so excited. The boys will be left looking after the house while we are away, which means the History channel (that never really has any history on it, usually just programmes like ‘swamp wars’) will be on loop.
My brother gets his GCSE results as this goes live! I don’t know how he has done yet as I am scheduling this post. Good luck to everyone today, but just remember that the results you get today are not the end of the road. As long as you can say you gave your all, who is any exam board to grade you? If you are feeling sad, make sure you take a step back and do some basic self care – like painting your nails, reading, lighting a scented candle. Give yourself some headspace before deciding what to do next.
I have been struggling a lot with pain in my wrists over the past few days. I have been wearing my splints and keeping topped up on painkillers. It’s all a part of my EDS 3, but worth mentioning. My fingers have been very painful as well, so I have been wearing my still relatively new Oval 8 splints an awful lot.

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