Hello! I’m back on here, finally! I have been having problems with my hands, which I’m not going to talk about because the last month has otherwise been lovely. The meds space me out, my hands are numb and sore – but that’s it. Meh. Moving on…

At some point in 2018 my first poetry pamphlet will be published by Wayleave Press. I am completely gobsmacked and thankful. I read the email five times consecutively. It has certainly been a good start to the year! I have so many people to thank for helping me realise this  dream. Thank you so much to the Wordsworth Trust for funding our young writers group – Dove Cottage Young poets – and to every single person that has worked with me on my poems. Just off of the top of my head (I will forget someone, but I blame my meds) Kim Moore, Clare Shaw, Brewery Poets, Mrs Holman and Miss S whom I showed my first ever poems to; every magazine that has both accepted and rejected my poems (I have had some very personal rejection letters, which have helped my confidence and spurred me on) – and to you, reading this and watching me on YouTube. People listening to what I have to say has meant that I have gained the confidence to aim for this.

So, moving on. How was your Christmas? Mine was the best one I have had since I have been poorly – which is massive. We started Christmas a day early, and my grandparents came over.  It was really lovely. We all just relaxed (avoided politics), and attempted to turn our brains off! I love my grandparents more than I can ever describe, they are the most selfless and lovely people you could ever meet. We sat and looked through some of the photo albums from when they got married way up to when my mum was in her early twenties. It was amazing to see how alike we all are, and the similarities that have been passed down.

On Christmas Day everyone came in to my room and we opened our stockings together. I made stockings for my parents this year so it was a real family affair. We used to go and sit on my parents’ bed, but my ‘little’ brother is now about six foot tall and mornings are the worst time for my blood pressure. I got the most gorgeous bobble hat, which I have barely taken off – in fact I wore it in my last video! Mum and I wanted to do the ‘posh’ thing and open our presents AFTER the meal… but the boys of the house got itchy feet – so we opened our presents once I was finally out of bed. I am a very lucky young lady. I got a Sizzix Big Shot machine, which cuts shapes out by only twisting a handle. The shapes are hugely intricate and gorgeous. I nearly cried the first time I used it, because I can’t really use scissors too well anymore. I finally have some crafty freedom back! We then went out for Christmas dinner. How lovely! We have never done it before, and never thought we would. However, over the last year my medical routine has grown to a sizeable portion of the day, so if mum had been cooking I would have barely seen her except for when doing medical stuff. Christmas dinner is a very special meal, and really is the only one that still upsets me. So, we went out to Toby Carvery, and I took some of my PO BOX letters and gifts to read. It was the best thing I have ever done. I sat and read these lovely letters – and some very gorgeous gifts. I didn’t feel sad or strange while they were eating – because at home there are so many memories attached to even the table setting – but while out I felt really content.

Now, in another break with tradition, we went out and did the Boxing Day sales. I know this is a rather controversial thing to do, but both my mum and dad have worked Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Eve/ Day, many times due to working in the Emergency services.  Town was pretty busy, and I did manage to garb some bargains. However, people can be pretty rude when you are in a wheelchair and there is a bargain to be had – at one point a cashier was so rude to me  (after over charging me) I actually ended up saying “Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean I can’t do maths!” He didn’t even look slightly embarrassed when I was right. He just saw the wheelchair and made assumptions. Very annoying! But things like that are a daily occurrence, and didn’t impact on the day much at all.

I just stayed in for New Years Eve. I learned last year that it’s pretty boring unless you are drunk! In fact, I was asleep at midnight. I don’t know what you expect to happen when midnight strikes, but it’s always a let down.

A happy new year from me! I’m very excited for this coming year. It’s going to be a good one, I can feel it.

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