A bump in the car and a broken lift…

First off I really want to thank the whole wave of support that was shown to me after my last blog post – it was incredible! Despite being in a room of strangers at night my laptop was overflowing with friends and well-wishers.

I came home a few days ago. Simple things are a novelty. Belongings being around you is one. A shower with a consistent temperature is another. A duvet. Wearing clothes instead of pyjamas. Being able to bend my arm because the cannula is out. Wonderful, simple every day images such as trees and our dog leaping about in the garden. I’m still pretty sore, the surgeon commented afterwards that they were pretty rough and I’m still feeling the after effects. I’m sore but thankful.

After a few days at home, we decided it would be a nice trip if we could go to the cinema and see “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”. I have been looking forward to this film for a very long time! On the way to the cinema our car was rear-ended! Luckily we were travelling pretty slowly and no one was injured. Everything insurance wise is being sorted out. Somehow, we made it to the cinema on time. However, once we arrived the till attendant looked rather sheepish… the lift was broken. Mum and I gave each other one of those looks that you reserve for when EVERYTHING in life appears to be going wrong.

Luckily I have a dad who is a superhero/ Fireman for his day job so he carried me up three flights of stairs! I asked him if he did this a lot at work – and he said “We’re normally getting people out of a burning building, not carrying them back in.” I think it was a bit of a workout for him but we reached the top. We watched the film, which I loved. If you go in with the attitude that this is a completely different franchise to Harry Potter you will love it. Don’t make comparisons to Harry Potter, otherwise I think you may be disappointed.

I’m hoping to get back to school soon, but I am awaiting a date for the second attempt at my surgery which could be any time. I hope it’s at the beginning of December or after Christmas. I’m really looking forward to a peaceful time with the family. I have forced my dad to bring down my Christmas decorations so that I can get my room ready just in case I’m called in. I don’t want to get home to a decorationless room!




2 thoughts on “A bump in the car and a broken lift…

  1. Hannah you’re a truly inspirational person! Wishing you all the best with future health matters and poetry and life in general!


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