Numerous novels and a bit of a rough time

It’s been quite a tough week. I had my second operation on Friday to try and find where my tube was in my system because I have been vomiting/ draining feed. I had only been managing two to three hours sleep a night at that stage, and so when they gave me the sedation I fell asleep! When I woke up I was told that my tube had always been in the right place. The reason I am telling you all this is that it is physically ‘impossible’ to reflux feed back from your bowel. Unless your name is Hannah Hodgson and you have a ultra rare form of intestinal failure. We are thinking that my very peculiar bowel had a bit of a shock when I was in theatre because of the pain medication and anaesthetic. We are hoping it will all settle back down to normal soon. I know for many of you this is a little too much information – but somewhere in the world there might be someone like me who has had this weird reaction and is looking for reassurance, just as I am. I have been very lucky that my subcutaneous fluids have been in place this week, as I would have been dehydrated and admitted to hospital without them.We have talked to my consultant and he agrees I am doing the right thing, slowly reintroducing my feeds. I need to stay nice and quiet for the next few weeks and hopefully things will calm down.

It has been a restful time, consisting of a little school work and decorating my notebooks. Yes, decorating my notebooks. Washi tape and stickers make me very happy at the best of times, so this is a great excuse to spend hours making the pages pretty.

I have had PLENTY of time to get my claws on the books I have been desperate to read. This week I listened to the audiobook on A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, which I loved and was extremely heartbreaking. It focuses around Connor, a Yew Tree and his mothers cancer. I loved it. The book has incredible narration, to the extent that I can still hear the narrator saying phrases days later in my minds eye. This is the first book that I have read by Patrick Ness. He also wrote the Monsters of Men trilogy which I was recommended when I was in Year nine, but was daunted by the size of the books.

I have also read a very lighthearted book by Jen Campbell called ‘Strange things customers say in bookshops’.It only took an hour or so to read, and I never laugh at books, but with this one I did. Jen works as a bookseller herself, and went around asking booksellers for their anecdotes – and there were a number of ridiculous ones. I have ordered the sequel which arrived yesterday. I am itching to start it!

I am currently reading ‘One Hundred Names’ by Cecelia Ahern. Another great book (I have had a very fortunate reading week) I don’t want the mystery within it to be unravelled or the story to end. I am emotionally attached to Kitty, the main character, who is a disgraced journalist and is working on a story on the behalf of her friend who has passed away.

I met Cecelia Ahern this week! She came into school and I went in for an hour to listen to her talk. She was wonderful and signed the all of my books (there was about eight…) that I own by her. She came in to discuss her two YA novels, ‘Flawed’ and the sequel ‘Perfect’. I have read Flawed, as I mentioned in a post about a month ago, and it is honestly one of the most original dystopian worlds I have read.  I’m going to leave it here for this one, I have a super exciting project to announce alongside this very soon…


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