YouTube book giveaway, Cecelia Ahern and friends

First of all I would just like to send you over to my YouTube channel! I have been busy creating and uploading videos during some of my spare time in the last week. I am still pretty unwell, but I have a little time where I am not feeling too bad and can put some makeup on to hide the bags under my eyes.

I have a very exciting opportunity for you. If you would like to own a copy of Cecelia Aherns’ new book ‘Perfect’ (the sequel to the outstanding book Flawed) which will be released tomorrow, please leave me a quick comment at the bottom of this page or on my video. Harper Collins have very kindly given me a copy to send out, and gave me the opportunity to interview Cecelia, which is included in the video.

I have already raved about the book Flawed on here. It is amazing. It is such an original dystopian world and a very bold plot for a YA novel. The main character, Celestine, lives in a world whereby you are judged in ‘Flawed’ court over your moral and ethical decisions. If you are deemed flawed you can’t do certain things and are branded in one of five places, dependant on your flaw. Celestine is the girlfriend of the head judges son and lives a ‘perfect’ life, until one split second changes her life forever.

I have also made a few other videos – so the link to my channel is HERE and the link to the video for your chance to win a copy of Perfect is HERE.

The rest of this week has consisted of seeing two of my friends who I have been meaning to see for ages. I met up with one of them in the Warehouse Café at the Brewery. We chatted about poetry and how to include difficult circumstances within it. It was so lovely to meet up with her and have the opportunity to discuss things we never have before.

My other friend lifted my spirits more than he realises. He took me to go and see some beauty spots where I did not even have to get out of the car. One place was looking down over Bowness, having driven up a very curvy road. The other was from a tiny church looking down over the valley. It reminded me that there is life past all of this rubbish at the minute. A life past my bedroom walls. I know that sounds silly, but when you are ill it is very easy to slip into the mindset of your house becoming the centre of everything. I also made him a cup of tea, something barely worth mentioning for most people. However, this is the first cup of tea I have made for two years. He didn’t spit it out in disgust or anything. It must be like riding a bike, you never forget…


Despite my health not being the best at the minute, I am feeling really fulfilled as I am typing this. I am achieving stuff, and moving forward despite of this illness. It is not defining me, it is driving me forward and making me.

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