Access, Persisters and libraries

My health is still just not quite right. We don’t really know why I’m not picking up, and we aren’t sure what we are going to do about it – but I’ll keep you informed!
This is a very random thing to say, but I feel this may help some people. I have bought a wifi plug and put it in my room. This means that I can turn my lamp on and off when in bed on my phone or tablet, and don’t have to shout mum or faint trying to get up and turn it off. For anyone with severe POTs I think this is a very important invention. In a life where I struggle to keep my independence, something as simple as being able to switch my light on and off has been like being handed a slither of independence back. That sounds silly, as I type it – but it’s true. Turning a light on and off isn’t something you would think you would miss doing.
I have taken a break from YouTube for a few days, but if you would like to win a copy of Perfect by Cecelia Ahern click HERE
On Saturday I spent the day in Barrow attending the Persisters Holding the line event and workshop. The wonderful Kim Moore and Clare Shaw were at the helm and the events were thought provoking and unifying. The workshop centred around themes of injustice and self reflection and I found myself delving deeper into my memories and emotions than I have in a long time, and writing poems I wouldn’t have known were inside me. In between the workshop and the evening event I borrowed Kims very comfortable sofa and had a nap because I was flagging quite considerably from a long day. The evening event highlighted how strong the individual can be when they speak out – but also what an impact a group can make. The open mic gave so many opinions voices, each different and thought provoking in their own way.

Mum and I have been attempting a couple of trips out over the last few days. My friends on Facebook will already know this but I am going to have to talk about this anyway. The Lake District is HUGELY inaccessible. I understand that there are many historical and geographical reasons for this, but there were very few attempts to modernise the access. I love the lakes and feel protective towards it, but I think they missed the memo of “reasonable adjustments” for access. Out of the nine shops that I wanted to go into ONE was accessible, which I think is unacceptable.
Our saving grace was the library in Ambleside. What a lovely set of libraries Cumbria has! We have been to Penrith, Ambleside and Kendal in the last week. All of the environments are modern, airy and have a wide range of books. I really love a good library, and Cumbria has plenty of them. Libraries are an underrated place within our town centres, they are community hubs that offer a step back from the busy high street outside. I have picked up lots of recent releases which I look forward to reading them.
Finally, I have had some really nice news. I am a finalist on the North West cultural education awards personal achievement section, the awards ceremony is at the end of the month.

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