Getaway, Memory Day and Book haul

We’ve had a nice and chilled first week to the Easter holidays. We’ve been in contact with the hospital about my ‘just not quite rightedness’ but my consultant is away on leave at the minute, so we are sitting and waiting.

I can now announce that I am on the shortlist for the National Memory Day best young writer competition! The results will be announced in the middle of next month. It means a huge amount to be shortlisted for this award. I don’t really speak about it that much but I struggle hugely with my memory. I can be having a conversation and completely forget what I am talking about. I have to keep notes on the plot of a book because I can just forget them sometimes. I really struggle to retain information long term, and also would forget to complete basic tasks without my ongoing to do list in my diary.

Last week we went to stay in the Lake District. Specifically, we went to go and stay at The Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere. I have to say that it was the most accommodating places we have stayed since I have been poorly. The room was fully accessible and adapted in a very subtle way. Even the shower seat was posh! There was a wonderful concierge team who couldn’t do enough for us. There was one, Steve, who was absolutely amazing. They carried all of my equipment up to my room, organised extra blankets for when I was freezing because of all my autonomic stuff and even got us a mini fridge so that I could store my medications. I couldn’t recommend them enough.


Mum and I went into Penrith one of the days. We went around lots of independent shops, and the accessibility was okay, there were a few places I couldn’t get in but there were plenty of accessible shops.

I have made a new YouTube video, the link is HERE, talking about all of the books I have picked up on my travels around the Lake district, and some wonderful libraries.

I have also done the first in a series of five minute interviews for the Kendal Poetry Festival blog. Chrissy Williams has very kindly agreed to be my first interviewee, head over to the poetry festival website to check it out!

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