Where I’ve been the last two weeks…

So I stopped the Wednesday streak, which I am kind of gutted about but hey ho.


Where I’ve been for two weeks…So, hello! I haven’t been blogging for the last two Wednesdays because I haven’t had a minute! Life has been mad from both a medical and general life perspective, but things are getting back on an even keel now. If I’m honest I have been feeling a bit down, but I’m on my way back up again now. So tracking back two weeks ago, I had a bad reaction to a new drug I was trailing AND a POTS attack after the Poetry Business winners pamphlet launch in Grasmere. That feels a lot longer than two weeks ago. Anyway, I do apologise if I met you for the first time that day, I was really quite ill! I ended up having a very long faint which lasted in excess of 45 minutes. My POTs just seems generally worse over the last few weeks, even after the medication had worn off. During the occasion in Grasmere and also subsequent occasions, I have had to recline my chair in the car as far as it will go, and put my feet on the dashboard. I hate it. I’ve also had a virus recently, so really haven’t been capable of blogging (thought I’d get my excuses in quickly…).


I went to Edinburgh on holiday with my family. It was so wonderful to reconnect and actually have some time just to breathe. It was a huge novelty to even be watching a film together in the evenings, as I need to be in bed. We had a suite which made it possible for us all to be together. We watched Sing! Which is an animation – and much funnier than many ‘comedy’ movies I have seen of late. Although Edinburgh isn’t the most accessible of places, we had a fabulous time. We visited Hollyrood Palace, one of the queens residencies, the botanical gardens and shopped Princes street. It was the complete rest our family needed.


Finally, I went to see Little Mix a few days ago! I went with mum to see them in Carlisle. They were incredible! We were in a wheelchair bay, so despite the outdoor venue we had a slightly raised view. The music was so loud I could feel it through my wheelchair- never mind my chest! The dance routines were incredible and I knew every single one of the songs off by heart. It’s the best concert both mum and I have been to. They were supported by Sheppard and Ella Eyre – who were also amazing. The disabled access was seamless and really, really well thought out! There was a separate disabled entrance to prevent crushing, a disabled toilet right night to the disabled access and a brilliant view from the wheelchair bay.


Sorry this wasn’t very long, I’m trying to get back in to this again! I needed some time away just to get some things sorted. I’ve also hit my one year blog anniversary (where has that time gone?!!), which means I have been home from hospital after initial diagnosis for two years.


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