Hospice,Manicure, baking and MRI scan

Hello all! I’m still a little down, if I am honest, but am on my way up again! This week I have been at the hospice for a night. It gave mum some much needed respite. While there I had such some amazing experiences. I had a manicure, pedicure and glitter tattoo thanks to a very lovely local beauty business owner. She spent two hours chatting and laughing with me, and gave me the most gorgeous nails. I wasn’t convinced they would last long due to all the syringes and stuff I use, but the paint on my fingernails lasted a week, and the stuff on my toes is still going strong! I also got a glitter tattoo of some butterflies surrounding a watering can. It was so pretty!



We also baked bread using melted ice cream. It’s something I’d seen on one of those thirty second facebook videos so we decided to give it a go. All that was in the recipe was melted ice cream and self raising flour. It had the appearance of an eggless cake – I can’t verify this myself because I couldn’t eat any, but everyone said they were rather tasty.

I made a lot of gorgeous bracelets while there as well. My visit has really reignited my passion for crafting, which has been helping me destress. I have been making beads which you bake in the oven ever since coming home!

Jumping back to being at the hospice, I made some candles! We put wax and lots of oils all together. If I’m honest I can’t say that they smell of much now that I have got them home and am burning them, but the process was so fun!

I had an MRI scan today, I get the results at my next appointment. I’m quite anxious about it, and looking deeper into my feeling of sadness the last couple of weeks I guess I am just anxious to know what the result is.

I went to Botany Bay yesterday. It’s one of those places we northerners pass all of the time and always say we will bob into. It’s an old factory that has been converted into a HUGE retail outlet. It was amazing. Nothing was overpriced and they had everything you could ever think of! There were second hand items, home ware, gifts, a sweet shop, cafe, homemade cake stalls, furniture – everything! I loved it and really want to go back soon! I bumped into one of my old friends in school. She told me she had got a 2:1 in her first year of uni and was excited about her second. When I was at school I was a bit sad, to be honest, to see all of my friends spreading their wings and flying away. Now though, I feel like I have things to say back that are equally as exciting. For example, Poetry Salzburg is going to publish three of my poems in the autumn and I begin my mentoring with Clare Shaw next month. I also have three projects up my sleeve that I’m not allowed to talk about yet!

From Monday to Sunday this week I am participating in the BookTubeAThon, a Readathon whereby you have to complete a certain amount of challenges. I’m having quite a medical heavy week, so am struggling but LOVING it.

I have also been chatting so much with a fellow BookTuber who has become one of my closest friends. We chat every day and have Skyped twice (will be three times tomorrow!). We don’t stop nattering the whole time. I wish we lived nearer to one another, but Skype means so much to me right now!


One thought on “Hospice,Manicure, baking and MRI scan

  1. Wow what a busy visit at the hospice! Sounds like some nice things to do šŸ˜Š I am sorry to hear you are feeling down. I understand what it’s like having that feeling hang over you when you’re not sure what the next step medically will be. I am in that stage at the moment too. If you ever want to chat to another person, msg me whenever! I’m @glimpsegembles on twitter. I’m always keen for company šŸ˜Š Well done on being soon-to-be published!! That’s AWESOME! I look forward to reading them. I love poetry – writing and reading it. I hope today is a good one for you, talk soon xo


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