Saturday night fever (literally)

So I didn’t update my blog on Wednesday as I had planned. I have a really bad infection in my stomach around my feeding tube which is beyond painful. I am on very strong antibiotics though, so hopefully I will be sorted soon. It has completely taken it out of me – I don’t even have the energy to write poems!! I am really, really hoping to swerve having to go to hospital, but we will see.

I am feeling a lot better emotionally than I did in my last post. I have been taking time out to paint my nails and put hand lotion on. Very simple, but very effective in helping to raise mood.

Mum and I went to Manchester last week. We had an amazing time. Getting all the medical stuff I have to do in a day is very difficult in a hotel room, but we have decided to just do things as my condition is degenerative. We went to see Sister Act with Alexandra Burke in it. It was incredible. The stage was awash with the best harmonies ever. I haven’t watched the original film I now really want to. We also looked around the Trafford Centre and met up with our best joint friend who mum trained to be a nurse with 30 years ago! It was lovely.

Sorry this is very short, I feel a bit shocking so I’m going to leave it here. See you next week, hopefully feeling a bit better!

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