Missing opportunities due to degenerative illness

As I type this I should be watching Sheridan Smith appear in Funny Girl in Manchester. Unfortunately, I am too poorly to travel at the minute and so have missed it. The biggest kick in the teeth regarding this whole thing is that I haven’t been given a refund on my ticket, as unless you buy insurance the ticket is non refundable. I’m really upset as I am on a very limited income and have to save hard for things. However, I would much rather be feeling rubbish at home right now, rather than possibly collapsing in Manchester and not getting to see the show at all.

I always knew the day would come when I was too ill to do something that I had pre-booked and had cost a lot of money. But you know what? There is no way I am going to stop saving up and buying tickets for these things, because they are amazing memories if I can go. Compromises happen on a daily basis for me – I have to rearrange friends or can’t stick to a commitment at the last minute. That’s the nature of my illness. I could deteriorate again at any time but I am never going to allow that to stop me from making plans. I’m going to make a video on this once I’m feeling a bit better, because it would be so easy to be very cautious about planning anything.

I’m on an extended course of antibiotics, and it is looking like my infection is receding (yay!). I am feeling a lot better than the last the last time I spoke/ typed to you. I still have a high temperature, but I am in next to no pain now – which is great!

I have listened to four audiobooks and read a physical book in the past week. I have made clay beads, knitted premature baby hats on my knitting loom and chatted to some amazing friends I have met through BookTube on Twitter.

That’s it from me. Sorry this is short – I’m trying to get back onto the Wednesday schedule 😀

See you next Wednesday xx

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