Hannah Hodgson

I'm 21 years old, a poet, blogger and palliative care patient. I give talks in schools, festivals and at corporate events about disability issues and adapt what I talk about e.g. in schools I talk about working hard to get a career that you enjoy. In a corporate setting I talk about the importance of physical accessibility and access schemes to the workplace. If you would like to know more, please do email me at: hannahwritesablog (@!) gmail.com . My first poetry pamphlet is called 'Dear Body' and was published by Wayleave Press in March 2018. I am also available to be booked for poetry readings.

19th Birthday and poetry

I had a really lovely chilled nineteenth birthday this week. I got up late, got dressed and went downstairs to open my presents. Come to think of it – I’m fairly sure that this is the first occasion I have come downstairs not wearing pyjamas for a celebration like my birthday. It must be adulthood […]


Protest song, Hospice and Awards

This week I went to the Cumbria Cultural Awards, a hospice and recognised feeding tube awareness week. I will start with the Cumbria Cultural awards. I went along to the awards with Kim Moore and Jenny Copley to represent the Kendal Poetry Festival for festival of the year, unfortunately we didn’t win, but we were […]


Big life changes

I am fairly certain these weeks are whipping around quicker and quicker. Maybe it’s just because they are very eventful and we never seem to be given a week off! I am sat in the car park of my hospital, waiting to see my cardiologist. I had a scan this morning and now we have […]


Audiobooks and writing reflections

This week has certainly been eventful! Five appointments consisting of: one visit to Kendal PCAS (Primary Care Assessment service), one GP visit, one community nurse visit, one Multi- Disciplinary meeting and one gastroenterology appointment. I went back to school yesterday after Christmas – that’s how many days off I’ve had to have. I’m feeling back […]


Waiting rooms, Friends and New Year!

I haven’t had the best of weeks, the truth be told. On top of my infection (we’ve been to hospital twice more this week…) I have a viral illness which is making me feel really poorly. It’s strange, and something I’ve never really read about before. It’s been suggested that I haven’t had a temperature […]


Coming in LIVE from A&E…

*As the title suggests I have written this on a phone in the middle of A&E, so please don’t look too closely at spelling and grammar!!* Woah. I was all ready to write an inspirational post – all about looking forwards and not backwards and decided to leave the writing of this post until this […]