Hannah Hodgson

I'm a poet, blogger and palliative care patient. I give talks in schools, festivals and at corporate events about disability issues. Also available for commissioned poetry. If you would like to know more, please do email me at: hannahwritesablog (@!) gmail.com . My first poetry pamphlet was 'Dear Body' published by Wayleave Press in March 2018, and my second 'Where I'd watch plastic trees not grow' is being published by Verve Poetry Press in Feb 2021.

19th Birthday and poetry

I had a really lovely chilled nineteenth birthday this week. I got up late, got dressed and went downstairs to open my presents. Come to think of it – I’m fairly sure that this is the first occasion I have come downstairs not wearing pyjamas for a celebration like my birthday. It must be adulthood […]


Protest song, Hospice and Awards

This week I went to the Cumbria Cultural Awards, a hospice and recognised feeding tube awareness week. I will start with the Cumbria Cultural awards. I went along to the awards with Kim Moore and Jenny Copley to represent the Kendal Poetry Festival for festival of the year, unfortunately we didn’t win, but we were […]


Big life changes

I am fairly certain these weeks are whipping around quicker and quicker. Maybe it’s just because they are very eventful and we never seem to be given a week off! I am sat in the car park of my hospital, waiting to see my cardiologist. I had a scan this morning and now we have […]


Audiobooks and writing reflections

This week has certainly been eventful! Five appointments consisting of: one visit to Kendal PCAS (Primary Care Assessment service), one GP visit, one community nurse visit, one Multi- Disciplinary meeting and one gastroenterology appointment. I went back to school yesterday after Christmas – that’s how many days off I’ve had to have. I’m feeling back […]


Waiting rooms, Friends and New Year!

I haven’t had the best of weeks, the truth be told. On top of my infection (we’ve been to hospital twice more this week…) I have a viral illness which is making me feel really poorly. It’s strange, and something I’ve never really read about before. It’s been suggested that I haven’t had a temperature […]


Coming in LIVE from A&E…

*As the title suggests I have written this on a phone in the middle of A&E, so please don’t look too closely at spelling and grammar!!* Woah. I was all ready to write an inspirational post – all about looking forwards and not backwards and decided to leave the writing of this post until this […]