Getaway, Memory Day and Book haul

We’ve had a nice and chilled first week to the Easter holidays. We’ve been in contact with the hospital about my ‘just not quite rightedness’ but my consultant is away on leave at the minute, so we are sitting and waiting. I can now announce that I am on the shortlist for the National Memory […]


Subcutaneous fluids and fairies

This week started with something that hasn’t been done in my community nursing setting for many years. I started subcutaneous fluids, something usually used in end of life care, but being used in me to improve ongoing quality of life. The subcutaneous layer of fat is just below the skin. A small needle can be […]


Finalist and Spellbinding

I am travelling down to Huddersfield today. No, not for an appointment, but because I am a finalist in the Huddersfield Literature festival Poetry is Courage competition! As I am a finalist my poem will be made in to a poster and displayed at thirty venues around Huddersfield. I wrote a poem on the theme […]